Just three decades back, many cities in India had vast water bodies. Due to rapid urbanization, hundreds of lakes/ponds/streams have vanished from the map creating water scarcity and rising temperatures. The already groundwater level has dropped below 1,000 ft. Tanker business occurs when people need to buy water due to water scarcity. This business usually starts during April and May, the summer period in India. However, recently, due to water scarcity, tanker business started as early as in December. We need to maintain the existing water bodies, at least if not create more. Skymap Global has created a dashboard that can monitor water bodies/green cover without human interference. It is made possible by the introduction of AI and ML in Remote Sensing. Any time and location-based analytics can be done in a matter of seconds over a large area with 100% accuracy. A must-have tool for every metropolitan city.

Lake A before and after
Lake B before and after
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