Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection. There has been a dramatic increase in dengue cases worldwide, causing people who stay in mostly urban or semi-urban areas to be at higher risk. Identifying dengue prone breeding areas would be of paramount importance to stop the growth of dengue and further corrective action can be taken accordingly. There has been a prevalence of Dengue in India over the years and it is expected to increase this season due to climate change as temperatures rise. So HOW can we better prepare ourselves for the future?

With the help of drones! By providing high-resolution imagery with SkyMapGlobal’s VTOL Drones, boosted with the high processing power of the ImagetrekkAI platform, we can get highly accurate and precise results of water-logged areas, open water tanks, unused tyres, etc. It is an impossible task to manually identify these probable breeding locations and SkyMap Global developed a Machine learning model to run on high-resolution drone data.

Process of finding probable dengue prone locations
Water-logged areas
Open water tank detection

With rapid data acquiring and processing speed, we can identify and geotag locations for dengue prone areas. By implementing our machine learning technology, we can discern classifications of water signature and stagnation, and pattern-based open tank area analysis for possible mosquito breeding. Dengue can be life-threatening and it is in SkyMapGlobal’s best interest to save lives and prevent the outbreak of such diseases. It is imperative that we use our resources and expertise in remote-sensing to provide the best amount of help we can to society.

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