Between 2001 and 2015, India has seen deaths of nearly 40,000 people due to structural collapse.  Structures like Dams, Bridges, Buildings or highways/roads are the major contributors for such disasters. Scientists are cracking their brains to find out reasons as to why these structures collapse. Could it be a manufacturing defect? Could it be a design defect? As technology advances, it is possible to find out many underlying reasons for disasters and catastrophic events. Hence, our team at SkyMap Global have been asking ourselves this question: Can remote-sensing analytics help in identifying the issue?

A major building collapse in Mumbai, 16.07.2019, which saw deaths of more than 11 people

Skymap Global took the major Mumbai building collapse in 2019 as the case study. What our experts have interpreted after looking at this event was astonishing. It has been proved that RADAR can be utilized to study the link between land subsidence and structure Collapse. Our scientists have implied that an early warning system can be created, which can help in saving lives and assets. Skymap Global’s experts studied Satellite-based RADAR Information of the disaster site for 08 months before the collapse using Cosmos Skymed Satellite time series datasets from Egeos. Such time series data is available for most major cities in India to create subsidence maps on demand.

Dates of satellite images acquired by SkyMap for the case study
Radar image footprint

The selected series of images were processed for stacking, georeferencing and many more statistical models to arrive at a subsidence map. The analysis involved in this is very complex, and algorithms developed have taken immense effort from our experts. Result shows, building collapsed on 16th July 2019 was inside the high subsidence zone. This RADAR Analytics can be used to study the maximum risk zone and bring a law to restrict the type of structures that can be built in these zones.

High-risk zone map

SkyMap Global is aiming to create such high-risk zone maps for cities of India and other metros around the world where fatalities are maximum, to safeguard the lives of innocent people and their assets. We aim to use our resources for the betterment of society and will only continue to strive to make the world a safer place for everyone.

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