Let it be due to climate change or natural phenomena; coastal erosion is eating up the land slowly, which can reduce the landmass for the next generation. At Skymap Global, we use AI & ML to detect the coastal erosion, here is a case study for the Thai coast where Skymap ImagetrekkAI identified changes over three decades. This information is vital to make the right decisions to safeguard our coast.

Changes over 30 years

With time stamped satellite images of different years, AI and ML Detected Changes over a period of 30 years. The acquisition years correspond to 2020, 1990 and 1976 respectively.

Results of the analysis-AI and ML- 30 years change
Graph of coastal erosion with respect to time

The multi-temporal analysis allows for change detection over 50+ years. Imagery pre-processing consists of radiometric and geometric corrections. This pre-processing power minimizes haze effects on radiometric values and aligns corresponding pixels in the above images. The datum of cartographic, satellite and aerial imageries is World Geodetic System (WGS84), and the projected system is Universal Transverse Mercator.

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